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The Golem Cloud REST API is located at https://release.api.golem.cloud (opens in a new tab). For all API calls, the user must provide a token for authentication. To obtain the golem token, the user should register an external oauth2 token with the Golem service using the v2/oauth2 endpoint.

This is the location for the Golem REST API if you are using Golem Cloud. If you are deploying Golem yourself using the open source version the location will be based on your own deployment.


Authentication is only required for Golem Cloud.

All endpoints (except for /v2/oauth2 ) requires authorization header Authorization: bearer <token-secret> where token-secret is one of:

  • the secret field of the response of the v2/oauth2 endpoint.
  • a custom API token created using the Token API

API reference

This section contains the full reference of all user facing Golem Cloud endpoints, categorized and presented in alphabetical order.

The account, login, project, project grant, project policy, and token APIs are only available for Golem Cloud.