Welcome to the new Golem Cloud Docs! 👋

Getting Started

Golem is a cloud platform for deploying invincible serverless workers, using the WebAssembly component model. Golem executes workers durably and indefinitely, which means they can be stateful and long-lived.

Golem is available as both open source software that you can deploy in your own infrastructure as well as through Golem Cloud, a hosted solution that is fully managed and requires no infrastructure setup or maintenance.

Getting Help

If you have questions not addressed in this developer portal, then we encourage you to reach out and find us on Discord. Alternatively, if you believe you have found a bug, or wish to request a new feature, then you can reach us at the Golem Cloud support portal (opens in a new tab).

Developer Preview

Golem Cloud is in Developer Preview mode. This means that we do not provide any service-level agreements, and we do not guarantee that any workers you deploy on Golem Cloud will run to completion. We reserve the right to break compatibility in the REST API and Golem CLI.

If you have an urgent need to deploy workers into production, then we encourage you to reach out to us directly.