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Here in the console, every project is more than just a collection of files and settings—it's a comprehensive environment equipped for the full lifecycle of serverless application development.

Project Essentials

Projects in Golem Cloud provide a focused setting for your development, where you can access and manage all the critical components of your application:

  • Components: Reusable WebAssembly programs are the foundation for your cloud services
  • Workers: Workers are the dynamic, executable instances of your components with baked in durability
  • API Gateway: Build scalable APIs to expose your workers to the world
  • Users: Collaborate with your team, granting custom access to align with roles and responsibilities.

The diagram below shows how these parts work together in a project:

Creating your first Project

Go to the management console (opens in a new tab)

Find the All Projects Page

Click on Projects in the top navigation bar

All Projects

Click the Create New button in the top right

Create the Project

Specify an Project Name and Description